It is nice to have a garden filled with vegetables and flowers. But of course, it is going to be hard to maintain such an excellent garden if there are some insects and bugs keep on going around. There could be some butterfly and other bees that would literally help the flowers from doing cross-pollination. In this way, there would be a lot more flowers in the future and vegetables would definitely bare some produce and the same thing would go to the trees and fruit-bearing trees. But no matter how we tried to keep them safe and away from the pest, there will always be a time and a way for those small insects to get around and bring infestation to your garden that is based on the For example, the mealybugs which if you are going to look at, they are just very tiny to see but they could have a great impact on the plants. They could result in a severe plant infesting disease and may cause death to the plants.  


  1. There could be an easy to get rid of them without using pesticides but of course, if you are going to do this to all the plants it would take time. But if there are few plants affected to this. You can actually get a cotton ball and a bottle of alcohol in your house. Pour some alcohol to the cotton and then wipe it to the surface of the plants like the stem and the leaves. But doing it frequently to your plants would not be a good idea to do as it could kill the plants and give bad impact to the overall structure of the flowers and vegetables. Make sure that if you are going to be very careful. You need to look at not only the surface of the plants but also the other sides or the underneath of it. As most of the mealybugs would tend to hide somewhere that they can’t be seen.  
  2. If you are tired of the scrubbing and wiping of the cotton balls with alcohol to the plants. You can find an empty bottle with spray and then you can fill the the mixing of bitcoin container with alcohol and then put back the head cap with spray in it. You need to spray over to the plants. This is best for those plants with bigger leaves and taller structure.  
  3. If you can some mealybugs on the plant while doing the gardening then you can remove it simply by swiping your hands to them. Make sure as well that you are using a glove in your hands so that it will be protected from possible infestation that it can make.  
  4. The process of spraying some alcohol to the plants should be done weekly to make sure that is effective and mealybugs won’t keep on coming back. Inspect and check your plants from time to time so that you would notice it. You can browse more ways on the internet.